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Polska myśl Światowa jakość
Jesteśmy polskim konstruktorem specjalistycznych maszyn do PVC oraz Aluminium.
Nasze maszyny pracują na podzespołach uznanych światowych producentów.
Pasja tworzenia
Żywiołowo produkujemy nasze maszyny uwzględniając interes naszych Partnerów biznesowych. Stawiamy na ciągłe doskonalenie naszych umiejętności , które jest naszą siła napędową.
Jakość i precyzja
Z najwyższym szacunkiem traktujemy naszych Partnerów biznesowych. Szanując ich czas oraz pieniądze oferujemy im niezawodne rozwiązania. Dbamy o każdy szczegół naszych maszyn.
About us

About us

The family company Prez-Met is a Polish manufacturer and designer of machines for PVC and aluminum joinery. Winner of many awards, distinctions and creator of several patents. The leader of the Polish production market and the largest Polish manufacturer of specialized machines for joinery made of PVC and aluminum profiles.

Family history, family succes


Witold Klimek is a musician by education, a graduate of the Krakow conservatory, who at the same time has a technical sense and a vision of his business. In 1967, he decided to set up a company that initially produced household goods. In this difficult time for private entrepreneurs, he develops his company by opposing common limitations and at the same time responding to the needs of customers.

The key moment in the company's history is the year 1990, when his son Marek, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Częstochowa University of Technology, takes the helm, who changes the profile of his activity. It starts to produce injection molds to start designing and assembling machines for joinery under the brand Prez-Met in 1993. From single machines to high-quality machining and cutting centers or high-quality welding machines.

The seat of the company is Romanów in Częstochowa poviat. Offices, design studio, assembly halls and specialized service are located in the place where the history of Prez-Met began.


Polish thought, World quality

During over 30 years of activity, the company has become familiar with the market of machines dedicated to the joinery industry. As a result, the technologies and solutions used by Prez-Met compete with recognized foreign machine manufacturers.
The company is an independent enterprise with modern machinery, a design and construction office with a Research and Development department and production, assembly and storage halls. The elements are processed on modern CNC machine tools.
All projects, simulations, analyzes and calculations are based on the use of modern computer programs, that is: Solid Works 3D CAD, Solid Works Simulation, Mathcad, Visual Studio, TwinCAT, etc. We have a team of automation engineers who create software for our machines from scratch.




Quality and precision


Our machines are synonymous with world-class quality, equaling and sometimes surpassing global giants. Precision, quality and continuous improvement have guided us from the very beginning of the Prez-Met company. High quality requirements are set at the design stage, component selection, assembly, consulting and sales process.

Quality does not just apply to the machines, it is also a hallmark of our skilled employees. It is thanks to their specialist knowledge and commitment that we are sure that we provide our customers with machines of consistently high quality.




We know our machines


Prez-Met focuses on a professional process of purchasing consulting and after-sales service. The company also sells parts and components for manufactured machines as well as repair and maintenance services for manufactured machines - maintenance services. The advantage of Prez-Met is the service and after-sales service. Thanks to the high qualifications of our employees and the use of modern solutions, we are able to remotely perform services and diagnostic work.

Service technicians take an active part in the process of designing and building machines, thanks to which we know machines "inside out". We are distinguished by a very efficient service department, having the knowledge to provide our customers with high quality services.




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